CHEFS heat things up


The Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., turned up the heat Saturday with CHEFS, a cooking competition featuring stripping male chefs competing to win a job at a Las Vegas restaurant.

By Amy Geldean

Steam filled the air Saturday night at the CHEFS event at the Egyptian Theater, 135 N. Second St., as three chefs from around the world stripped and competed in cooking challenges for the ultimate, sexy showdown.

CHEFS is a cooking competition for male strippers who work to please audience members with their cooking as well as their stripping and dancing. If they win, they have the opportunity to work as an executive chef at EROS in Las Vegas, owned by Chef Patrick who created the competition.

The background music had the crowd singing and dancing along, adding to the already fun atmosphere the event fostered. Songs like “Sexy Back” by Justin Timberlake and “Pony” by Ginuwine helped set the seductive tone for the night.

Audience members participated heavily in the show by getting up on stage throughout the night to help the chefs prepare food and sampling the finished products. The chefs also approached the audience, making the show extremely interactive for anyone there.

The interactive nature helped make the night even more successful and encouraged the audience to step out of their comfort zone. Without engagement from the audience, the show would be lost, making this a crucial twist.

The commentary by Head Chef Patrick, included many sexual innuendos, bringing laughter to the theatre. He made jokes about eggplants and their various sizes which had the audience practically crying.

The choreography was more sexual, including audience members spanking the chefs. One of the dances that featured audience members was from the film, “Dirty Dancing,” an arousing scene thanks to Patrick Swayze.

By intermission, the chefs were shirtless. Things continued to escalate when the chefs came into the audience offering lap dances, and soon their pants were off as well. The chefs had no problem getting up close and personal with everyone in the audience.

The audience named Chef Salvatore from Italy the winner that night as he went all out cooking and stripping for the audience. Salvatore creamed the other two chefs during the butter churning challenge and audience members placed dollar bills in his pants when he came out for lap dances to show their appreciation.

CHEFS provided a steamy and sizzling night of entertainment getting down and dirty in the kitchen and on stage.