CHEFS strip down for flavorful fun

By Amy Geldean

“Magic Mike” may be some people’s fantasy, but The Egyptian Theatre is bringing their twist to the strip tease as they host CHEFS, a night of male chefs competing in challenges and losing clothing along the way.

The special night event will be held 8 p.m. Saturday at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St., turning up the heat and bringing a night out to a whole different level.

Jeanine Holcomb, marketing and communications director at the theater, said combining food and men is sure to peak interest as these are two things which spark interest. While competing in a series of cooking related challenges, whenever a chef loses a challenge, he also loses a piece of clothing.

“I think it is pretty funny,” sophomore BFA major Kayti Shelton said. “I would go see it because it’s got two of the best things – hot guys and food.”

Holcomb said this event will bring a totally new experience to the theater, as well as encourage a different demographic for the night. She said the event is gaining a lot of attention, and the theater is hoping for a great turnout.

With not a lot of details being given about the event and an attention-grabbing title, Holcomb said many residents are trying to figure out how the night will unfold, as well as simply being engaged in the topic.

“We are excited for this because there has been a lot of buzz on social media for the show,” Holcomb said. “Most are curious about the show, which has led to a good pre-sale for tickets.”

Chef Patrick, star chef and restaurant owner, said the chefs started their tour in February in the East Coast, and the show has become very popular since. It features Chef Ryan from Wisconsin, Chef Mike from California and Chef Salvatore from Italy as they compete to keep their clothes on.

“I am very invested in the sensual arts through stripping and entertaining,” Chef Patrick said. “I find the transition from having an audience that is engaged to an audience that is engaging in more senses amazing.”