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‘Helldivers 2’ releases secret updates

A lone helldiver hurries to the ship before it leaves without him in a clip from the game “Helldivers 2.” “Helldivers 2” was quietly updated in early April. (Sony Interactive Entertainment under Fair Use)

One of the most insanely popular and widespread games of this year, “Helldivers 2,” has gotten yet another new shadow update which introduced more quality-of-life changes and other new things to spice up the game. 

“Helldivers 2” is a co-op third-person shooter game where players fight in a squad of up to four to eliminate the “Terminids” and the “Automatons” and free various planets from their control in a community-wide effort. 

While this may sound simple on paper, it is anything but that. 

Depending on how the community performs as a whole, the fight against the enemies of democracy can easily take a turn for the worse quicker than the blink of an eye.

Recently, there was an effort by the “Helldivers 2” community to rid the Automatons from the game once and for all. 

Known as “Operation Disassembly,” the hellish struggle against the dreaded Automatons was finally thought to have been over after it was completed. 

Unfortunately, three days after their suspected demise, the Automatons returned stronger than ever with their terrifying arsenal of rocket devastators, nightmarish airships and walking factories in tow. 

Silently introduced to the game with no warning on April 2, the Automaton airships and walking factories have become quite the challenge for players to overcome with their onslaught of laser fire, rockets and heavy cannons.

In order to counter such a major threat toward Super Earth, new weapons were distributed April 2 for all Helldivers to use: the “MG-206 Heavy Machine Gun” and the “LAS-99 Quasar Cannon.” 

“Helldivers 2” received another patch update on April 9 addressing several prominent issues players had been experiencing. 

This update fixed the crashing issues players experienced when finishing a mission, after completing an objective or when a large number of enemies were present, among other small, frustrating bugs. 

In addition, a new detail was added when players finish a mission and extract. 

If players take damage or get Terminid blood on themselves, they will still have the blood on their armor when they get back to their ship, as long as they don’t die and respawn. 

This makes for some gut-wrenching, hilarious moments as your Helldiver can oftentimes be a complete mess with both Terminid and their own blood splattered across their armor, almost like a new coat of paint. 

The game continues to gradually evolve and add new challenges at an astounding pace, keeping players on their toes. 

The question is, once the Automatons are inevitably defeated and the Terminid swarms have been controlled, what will be the next atrocity our Helldivers need to overcome in the name of democracy?


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