SA President encourages inclusiveness on campus


DeKALB | Student Association President Giuseppe LaGioia vouched for inclusiveness on campus in lieu of a “political divide.”

The president released a statement Tuesday advocating for students to be more accepting towards one another, according to the release.

“As both a campus leader and a person of our society, this behavior is absolutely sickening to me, and I am deeply wounded by the fact that this is a fear amongst our students,” LaGioia wrote in the release.

SA is addressing inclusiveness through its campaign called #ThisIsOurAmerica. Students are encouraged to take a selfie and share their story of when they were a victim or witnessed discrimination or acceptance.

Political science major Moriah Tyler wrote how others identify her as “black girl” and assume she can dance well and explain slang such as “nappy,” according to her Facebook post.

Stuart Nissenbaum, former SA director of environmental affairs, wrote of his privilege being a white male and stated his support for marginalized groups, according to his Facebook post.

To participate, send a photo to or and tag your story with #ThisIsOurAmerica or #StoptheHate.