The House to open next weekend


Anemic Panda, a local band formed in 2013, performs March 25 at The House, 263 E. Lincoln Highway. The House will reopen Oct. 14 after being closed for several months.

By Jesse Baalman

DeKalb | The House, 263 E. Lincoln Highway, filled its 7 p.m. Oct. 14 to 16 grand reopening with performances from local bands.

The House, formerly known as The House Cafe, was closed Aug. 11 under the ownership of Brian and Alexandria Fausett. The House, a music and entertainment venue and cafe, was closed because of financial difficulties.

Martha Robinson, co-operator of The House, bought The House Cafe, and said the establishment would reopen as “The House,” according to a Sept. 6 Northern Star article. However, the establishment’s name is now uncertain.

“My husband and I are still going back-and-forth on [the name],” Robinson said. “I’d like to call it ‘The House Cafe,’ and he’d like to call it ‘The House’. So on [Oct. 14], we’ll all know.”

While the name of the establishment may change, the building will remain mostly the same. Any substantial renovations are being postponed.

“There’s a few things that we’re changing out, but it basically all looks the same for the most part,” Robinson said. “The painting has been done, and there is some tiling that is different.”

Other additions to the business Robinson mentioned in the past are in the works, such as painting a mural and providing vegan food.

“We have not actually started on the mural,” Robinson said. “There’s nothing painted, and it’ll probably be slow work where we keep adding to it. We’re talking over years.”

Robinson, a former pastry chef, hopes to work with Sunny Day Bakery, a wholesale bakery with vegan cookies, sandwiches and hummus.

“As for vegan food options, I probably won’t have a ton of stuff; I do tend to cook vegetarian,” Robinson said. “A lot of the sandwiches and a lot of the desserts will involve cheese, butter and stuff like that. I’m hoping to wholesale some of Sunny Day Bakery’s items.”

The liquor license the business will need to serve alcohol is still in the process of approval.

“The liquor license will probably not go through [before opening],” Robinson said. “Right now, it is in the state’s hands, and it’s just a matter of when they get the paperwork done.”