Photo Poll: What would you like to see from SA in the future?


By Northern Star staff

Henry Cilley, senior business sales major, said he would like to see the SA change parking.

“I think they should get more parking spaces available for students because of how much we pay for a parking pass,” Cilley said. “I should also be able to park on pavement and not just gravel at Barsema.”

“I think a change should be [made] for scholarships especially for finance students,” said senior finance major Hozbar Shaikh. “I think students in the business department should be more aware because we know there are many scholarships and you have to go look for them. We have to find them. It would be better to be more aware of them.”

Senior finance major Abigail Arreguin said she would like to see a safer NIU.

“One of the things that concerns me the most is how safe the community is,” Arreguin said. “There are constantly shootings and people getting robbed. I sometimes don’t feel safe walking at night and I don’t just mean for me, I mean for other students as well.”