Lupstein to search for new SA trustee


Student Association President Nathan Lupstein

By Leah Nicolini

In the next two weeks, Student Association President Nathan Lupstein will appoint a student trustee to complete the remaining four months of the vacant term.

During a special meeting Thursday, the Board of Trustees unanimously passed an amendment to Article II Section 7 of the bylaws of the Board of Trustees which allows the SA to appoint a student trustee for the board to review and approve.

“We’ve been very diligently piling up potential candidates to… ensure that we can fill the position as soon as possible,” Lupstein said.

The student trustee is elected on the basis of a campus-wide election and their term is from July 1 to June 30. The position became vacant when former student trustee Raquel Chavez resigned at the beginning of the spring semester.

Chavez’ resignation is the first time SA has had to deal with replacing a student trustee. Before 2001, when the last student trustee vacancy occurred, student trustees were appointed by the SA president and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Lupstein said the appointment will be decided the same way the SA appoints members of the SA Supreme Court and passes budgets. Members of the SA will review and vote on the candidates before Lupstein appoints anyone to the board.

“This is something that we as an organization are very comfortable doing,” Lupstein said.

Within the four month term, the student trustee will be able to attend up to seven Board of Trustees meetings.

The Board of Trustees will meet March 17 to vote on the appointment.