In Focus: Who will win the Super Bowl?

By Northern Star staff

The Carolina Panthers will face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday. Here are the Northern Star staff’s predictions for Sunday’s big game:

Photo Editor Nick Bosshart

Winner: Carolina Panthers. Carolina quarterback Cam Newton had a dominant season and it will carry over to the Super Bowl. I also think Denver quarterback Peyton Manning is too old and his reign in the NFL is over.

News Editor Alex Chettiath

Denver’s front seven will throw quarterback Cam Newton off his game and have him scrambling more than usual. Denver’s D will return a fumble or an interception. Newton will run more than he will pass and will mostly pass to tight end Greg Olsen. Denver quarterback Peyton Manning will throw for less than 200 yards with no interceptions. Co-MVPs will be Von Miller and Papa John’s Pizza. Broncos 23 – Panthers 17.

Staff writer Joren Apiquian

Although it would be a great ending to a legendary career for Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos, I see the Carolina Panthers coming out of Super Bowl 50 hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy in the air.

Staff writer Patrick Smith

I’m all in for the Denver Broncos because of one man – Peyton Manning. I want him to retire on top and I look for Denver’s defense to be great again this week, defeating the Carolina Panthers 26-20. Von Miller will be the MVP.

Editor in Chief Jackie Nevarez

As much as I’d like to see the Denver Broncos blown out like they were in 2014 by the Seattle Seahawks, I think they’ll just get slightly edged by the Carolina Panthers.

Carolina’s Cam Newton will run the ball, while Denver’s Peyton Manning will go into retirement with a long face. The Patriots’ Tom Brady will finally be cemented as the greatest of all time, despite this year’s AFC Championship results.

Newton will dab his way to MVP, and my heart, if he pulls off the win.

Sports Editor Chris Loggins

Unless Denver’s great defense can hold the Panthers to below 20 points on Sunday, the Broncos will have no chance. I expect a close game, but the Panthers are on a mission and have been unstoppable all season. I also think their loss to the Falcons late in the season helped them alot. Panthers 27-16. MVP – Cam Newton/Luke Kuechly.