Students mourn lost friend

By Satta Kendor

Friends of Oluwarotimi “Timi” Okedina honored him at a vigil Tuesday night in the Martin Luther King Jr. Commons.

Preliminary autopsy results from the DeKalb County Coroner found that Okedina died from closed injuries he received after falling from the 11th floor of a tower at Stevenson Hall on Friday. The Coroner’s office awaits results from a toxicology test to determine the official cause and manner of his death.

Almost 100 people were invited to step up and share their favorite memories about Okedina in an area well-lit with candles.

Tristan Rodriguez, sophomore undecided major

Okedina was always happy, positive and smiling, said sophomore undecided major Tristan Rodriguez.

“He never faked it; he was always happy,” Rodriguez said. “And of course, Chipotle — he loved Chipotle so much. He never had any money but he always had enough for Chipotle.”

Timi loved soccer and called it ‘footy’ Rodriguez said.

“It was weird. I don’t know why, but I loved it,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez met Okedina at the soccer field where they had a conversation about the sport and just clicked, Rodriguez said.

He said he once borrowed Okedina’s car and had to have it towed after a tire popped. Okedina was not upset upon hearing the news, Rodriguez said, and he even wanted to reimburse the towing costs.

Kimberly Escamilla, sophomore occupational therapy major

Kimberly Escamilla, sophomore occupational therapy major, said Okedina’s friends thought a candlelight vigil was important because they wanted to be the ones to do something for Timi.

“And I guess, like, we didn’t know it at the time, but now it’s so representative of Timi. Like, he was such a light in our friendship and our lives. Like, he shone. He was shining everyday, like his smile,” Escamilla said.

“He was hilarious. Even yesterday we get to the point where we start almost crying, and we were just like, ‘Remember when Timi did this?’ … And we start cracking up,” Escamilla said, “Like right now he’s probably laughing at everything,”

Abraham Murguia, sophomore physical therapy major

“We just all, all thought about it last night,” said Abraham Murguia, sophomore physical therapy major. “We were all talking and we really wanted to do something in his memory.”

Okedina loved soccer, and the two became close friends last year through a mutual friend that would bring Okedina along to play soccer, Murguia said.

“Soccer was a big thing with us,” Murguia said. “We would always watch soccer matches together and play it.”

Timi had the best sense of humor, Murguia said.

“There’s just so much to say about Timi,” Murguia said. “He was artistically talented, loved to paint. He did spoken poetry and freestyle rapping.”