Music festival memories worth expense


Music festival memories worth expense

By Angela Pagan

Music festivals are one of the many perks of summer vacation, but not everyone understands how all that money spent for just three days of fun is worth it to college students.

In a time when the average college student pays about $19,000 a year to attend a four-year college, according to College Board’s website, spending hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on music festivals can seem irresponsible; however, to the people who actually attend these festivals the experience is well worth the expense.

Two of the biggest music festivals of the summer are held in Chicago. Spring Awakening at Soldier Field and Lollapalooza in Grant Park attract thousands of festival goers though tickets can range from $110 to $300 for both events, according to the festivals’ websites. Those numbers do not even include transportation and food, which gets expensive at these events.

“For each festival I spend however much the tickets are and I’d spend just as much on excess things, such as food, souvenirs, random stuff I come across, transportation and a place to stay,” said junior pre-nursing major Chris Martinez. “On average a three-day festival is around $250, so I’d spend about $500 each festival. I go to two festivals a year, and that’d be about $1,000 a year.”

While pricey, these festivals provide an outlet for stressful summers. College students still have a lot to deal with over the summer: a job, summer classes and trying to keep a social life. A three day music festival is the perfect escape.

Briana Hill, sophomore performing arts major, said she is an avid and passionate music festival lover who enjoys the electronic dance music festivals the most.

“Here is what people don’t realize: … these festivals have nothing but good vibes and positive people all around who like to have a good time just as much as you do,” Hill said. “People come to these festivals just escape reality and enjoy everyone’s company. … Me being a broke college student, I am aware that money is tight, but it is impossible to pass up on these events because I always have the best time of my life when I attend them.”

When it comes to people who criticize or do not understand why people spend so much on festivals, I say don’t knock it until you try it. In the end what college students are paying for is the experience and atmosphere. Being this young is not just about preparing for the future, but making memories to look back on.