Rifkin lawyer to subpoena two NIU police officers due to missing evidence

By Northern Star staff

Andrew Rifkin’s lawyer said he will subpoena two NIU police officers to find out who is responsible for the disappearance of two hours of recorded statements made by Rifkin.

Rifkin, a former NIU police officer, is accused of sexually assaulting a female student he had a relationship with in October 2011. Attorny Bruce Brandwein said statements made by Rifkin in an interview with NIU police should not be used as evidence against Rifkin in trial because only 40 minutes of the more-than-two-hour interview are available.

“When you’re interviewing an individual for … two hours and 40 minutes, and two hours is missing, that’s incomplete,” Brandwein said. “I don’t know what was said during that two hours so it was an inaccurate recording of what transpired on that interview,”

Brandwein said he will supbeana NIU police Lt. Jason John and Haider Thahab, an Information Technology specialist for the NIU Police Department, at a May 18 hearing.