Student Association senator charged with sharing executive election info

By Ashley Morse

The Student Association Senate will hold a hearing for a Board of Elections member April 12 on charges of disclosing election information to the Voice of Change ticket.

Screenshots show Jake Swick, SA senator and Board of Elections member, giving election information to the Voice of Change ticket through the text messaging app GroupMe, said SA Senate Speaker Dillon Domke. If found guilty, Swick will have broken his oath as a Board of Elections member and will be removed from the SA Senate.

Swick has also been called on as witness for one of the executive election appeals to the SA Supreme Court on Tuesday. SA Senator Robert Kreml, vice presidential candidate for the Standing for Every Student ticket, listed Swick as a witness in a petition to disqualify the Voice of Change ticket for intimidating voters and littering, among other charges.

Swick did not respond to a request for comment after being contacted through email.

The Senate also approved a change in the Code of Procedures concerning the calling of witnesses in Supreme Court hearings. The change, petitioned by Supreme Court Justice Helen Mellas, established Supreme Court justices as the only hearing participants who can approve the calling of witnesses.