Board of Trustees approve cost attendance changes: tuition and fees up, housing down

By Jackie Nevarez

The Board of Trustees approved recommendations Thursday that would lower the overall cost of attendance for full-time undergraduate students living on campus.

The approved recommendations mean new undergraduate students will pay $22,706 in tuition, fees and room and board in 2016, a $578 decrease to what students will pay in 2015. While tuition will increase by $213 and fees by $9, room and board will decrease by $800.

“The topic was considered by the committee at a different time than has historically occurred. The change in timing was motivated by the desire to provide guidance on cost and perspective in current students at an earlier date coinciding with decisions they have to make,” said Trustee Marc Strauss, chair of the Finance, Facilities and Operations Committee that presented the recommendations.

The recommendations approved established a cost cap after 12 credit hours and creates a lower cost per credit hour. Dillon Domke, Student Association Senate speaker, said he thought the cost cap would benefit current students and interest prospective students.

“It really will be an awesome thing to have students be able to take more classes and gain different perspectives on different things, depending on what class they take,” Domke said. “Then they won’t have to worry about the financial burden of taking those extra credit hours, so I think that will help out tremendously with that.”