CampusBird app offers campus navigation tools

By Brennan Schneider

An interactive map launched today on NIU’s website,, will allow users to navigate campus from home or when on the go.

The $20,000 software, known as CampusBird, offers overhead and street views of NIU’s DeKalb campus through 14 filter options. Each option shows the location of transportation routes, available parking, residence halls and places to eat, among other things.

The mobile-friendly map allows users to search for directions to any campus building and is set to be integrated into the NIU mobile app next semester, said Rachel Xidis, assistant director of Web Communications.

“I think being able to get directions easily to any of these locations is a big plus for people that are either not familiar with campus or … not quite sure where a specific building is,” Xidis said. “I think that’s very helpful.”

The map is the latest phase of a project to make campus navigation easier, NIU spokesman Brad Hoey said. Past initiatives of the project involved updating the signs and banners of NIU buildings over the summer.

Students already familiar with the campus’ layout will benefit from regular updates to the software, Hoey said. Such updates will reflect event and infrastructure changes on campus.

“The map is scalable,” Hoey said. “As new buildings come online or go offline, like Douglas Hall, and campus roads updated, or new resources are added, the map can add or get rid of buildings so it is constantly evolving as campus changes.”

Students like sophomore psychology major Christine Diaz look forward to using the map to get to where they need to go.

“The map will help everyone because not everyone knows every building on campus, so if they have to go into a new building for the first time they will know where to go,” Diaz said.

Day Editor Keith Hernandez contributed to this story.