Ask an Athlete: Cross country

By Rhema Rhea

What is your major?

Freshman Kelsey Hildreth: Nutrition

Senior Meghan Heuer: Rehabilitation services

Redshirt freshman Taylor Perkins: Communication

Junior Ali Olson: Communication with a emphasis on media studies

Who is your favorite superhero?

Hildreth: Elastigirl from “The Incredibles”

Heuer: Wolverine

Perkins: The Hulk: He’s strong, and he has a strong will. I’ll give him that.

Olson: Captain America

What is your favorite sports movie?

Hildreth: “Remember the Titans”

Heuer: “The Sandlot”

Perkins: Definitely “Coach Carter.” It is my favorite movie of all time.

Olson: “We Are Marshall”

Do you have any personal goals for the regional championship on Nov. 14?

Hildreth: I think the most I can say right now is I’d like to PR again.

Heuer: Probably PR again. That would be cool.

Perkins: I want to be around 22:30 time-wise, and I want to score for the team. I want to put in a really good effort for the last race of the season.

Olson: Break 22:00.