Student Spotlight: Freshman plans to be involved with politics

By Harry Myers

Freshman Nicholas Partipilo said he’s got what it takes to be a political leader.

Partipilo planned to use his math and science skills in engineering, but he decided to major in political science because of his interest in politics and history.

Northern Star: What made you interested in political science? Why did you choose it?

Nicholas Partipilo: All my friends were becoming engineering majors, and then I realized that the only reason I was thinking of trying biomedical engineering was because I wanted to prove to my friends that I could. … .

In high school, I loved all my government and political classes. They really clicked with me. And … my step-dad is a politician in Franklin Park, so I know I can get experience and connections with him. It just clicked that it was the right choice for me.

NS: What have you done so far that’s involved in political science?

NP: I’m in the UNIV 101 [University Experience] political section, and I’ve dabbled a little in the Model UN. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time this semester, but I’m going to be much more involved with it after Christmas break. A couple things I found was an Oxford study abroad program where you go and stay there for a month and a spring trip to D.C.

NS: What do you hope to do with this knowledge that you’re going to gain?

NP: I would really like to get into politics since I know I can get a lot of great internships from both NIU and my dad. My ultimate goal would to … be involved in nationwide politics. I don’t want to me an analyst or historian; I want to actively be involved with politics.

I feel like I could be responsible in a seat of power like that and I feel that I could be a leader and be able to connect with people and express their ideas. No job like that is easy, but if someone capable is in charge, they can make a difference.

NS: If people wanted to get informed on politics, but didn’t want to study it to the degree you do, what would you suggest?

NP: There’s plenty of good news sources out there. Find the ones that take a center road, that try to show the most sides to situations. Too liberal and too conservative places can skew you, while the best you can do is try to learn all there is.