Police reviewing viral DeKalb checkpoint video


Police reviewing viral DeKalb checkpoint video

By Mitchell Spence

State Police are reviewing a viral video where an officer is shown opening a DeKalb man’s car door and yelling at the man at a roadside safety checkpoint, though it appears the officer did not violate any policies, according to police.

The video showing the confrontation between DeKalb resident Ryan Taylor and Illinois State Police has received more than 700,000 views and 9,000 Facebook shares. The incident was captured on film Saturday at a roadside safety checkpoint on North Annie Glidden Road. Taylor, who did not respond to the Northern Star’s requests for comment, published the video online, including on Facebook, YouTube and LiveLeak.

The video shows Taylor going through the roadside safety checkpoint. Taylor asks if he is being detained and an officer says he is not free to leave. An officer opens Taylor’s door and tells Taylor to show his driver’s license and proof of insurance while Taylor says the officers’ actions are unconstitutional.

Associate law professor Marc Falkoff, who viewed the video, said the stops were referred to as “special needs” stops and are OK as long as the officers are checking for drunk drivers.

“Based on the video, it would appear the officers did nothing unconstitutional,” Falkoff said. “Contrary to the driver’s assumption, it is not always necessary for the police to believe the driver of a car has committed a crime in order to stop it.”

The stops do not violate the fourth or 14th Amendments despite Taylor’s claims in the video, Falkoff said.

After reviewing the video, it appears Taylor was not complying with the officer’s request to cooperate, according to a statement from Monique Bond, Illinois State Police spokeswoman.

“We conduct these safety checks to ensure that motorists and roads are safe and our officers are reasonable and follow the law,” Bond said in the statement. “Based on the video, it does not appear that the officer violated any policy; however, the matter will be reviewed and the appropriate action will be taken as needed.”