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Grand jury declines to indict DeKalb Police officer

By Noah Johnson | December 21, 2019

DeKALB — Charges against a DeKalb Police Officer involved in Elonte McDowell’s arrest have been declined by a grand jury. An internal review of the incident will be conducted to determine if the officer followed the department’s policies and procedures.  A...

Using the left lane for anything other than passing another car and using a left-lane exit ramp violates the Left Lane 

Point/ counter point: Left Lane Law

By Nothern Star Opinion Staff | November 17, 2019

Only use the left lane for passingJordan Radloff | ContributorEven though the left lane tends to allow drivers to travel faster than the right lane, it is important for drivers to obey state laws that prohibit using the passing lane improperly.In January,...

Accident or crime scene cordon tape, police line do not cross.

DeKalb police release in-car video footage of incident

By Noah Thornburgh | September 1, 2019

Due to heightened public interest, the DeKalb Police Department have released footage of an Aug. 24 arrest incident, according to a press release.The 17 minute footage is available on YouTube here.Elonte E. McDowell, 25, of Aurora, was arrested and charged...

DeKalb Police

NIU to hold disaster response exercise

By Northern Star staff | July 9, 2015

Streets on the west side of campus near the Convocation Center will be closed Friday for a disaster response exercise by local and federal agencies.Stadium Drive W. to Convocation Center Drive and Stadium Drive N. to Presidents Blvd. will be closed from...

Police make 6 arrests for drug, alcohol offenses during roadside safety check

Police make 6 arrests for drug, alcohol offenses during roadside safety check

By Northern Star staff | March 24, 2015

Police recorded zero arrests for DUI and six arrests for other alcohol and drug offences during a St. Patrick’s Day roadside safety check in DeKalb.The roadside safety check, which generated some controversy among locals, resulted in 27 arrests and...

Three leaf clovers

3 things to know about St. Patrick’s Day in DeKalb

By Northern Star staff | March 17, 2015

1. Irish is the second-most common ancestry in the city of DeKalb, and the city is more Irish than Chicago.About 12.3 percent (or 5,504 people) have Irish ancestry in DeKalb.Those with Irish ancestry come second only to those who have German ancestry...

Local plans protest of St. Patrick’s Day roadside safety check via Reddit

By Northern Star staff | March 17, 2015

A local person is advertising a protest of a roadside safety check being conducted by police for St. Patrick's Day via Reddit.User OpenYourMind posted about the protest Monday on the NIU subreddit, encouraging people to join in the protest. Protesters...

DeKalb Police

Police to crack down on drivers with St. Patrick’s Day special patrols, roadside safety checks

By Northern Star staff | March 16, 2015

Local and state police plan to crack down on drivers who are drunk or not wearing seat belts for St. Patrick's Day this week.The state police will conduct a roadside safety check during the week. Officers will look for drunken or impaired drivers, drivers...

State Police issue winter travel advisory

By Northern Star staff | February 4, 2015

State police are warning drivers to be careful on ice- and snow-covered roads, according to a news release.Drivers have been asked to reduce their speed and drive with caution, according to the release. Stranded drivers should remain inside their cars...

Weekly Gripe: Checkpoint traffic video is misleading

By Carl Nadig | September 23, 2014

A controversial video showing a DeKalb resident being pulled over for a weekend traffic checkpoint doesn’t provide the evidence of unlawful seizure it claims to.DeKalb resident Ryan Taylor’s video shows his interaction at a safety traffic checkpoint...