Video depicting DeKalb car accident has more than 8,000 views


Video depicting DeKalb car accident has more than 8,000 views

By Keith Hernandez

A DeKalb man recorded a video of an accident involving a man charged with driving under the influence Saturday at the intersection of Pearl Street and Lincoln Highway.

Two people were injured in the accident. Samuel Sales, 43, of DeKalb, was charged with DUI, DUI over .08 and failure to yield turning left, said DeKalb Police Lt. James McDougall.

Ryan Taylor — who recorded a video of a Sept. 20 confrontation with Illinois State Police that has more than 878,000 views — said he turned on his camera after 1 a.m. Saturday in the Los 3 Burritos parking lot, 185 W. Lincoln Highway, to monitor Sales.

“Basically, when I first started recording, it was really just about him possibly hitting my car,” Taylor said. “I didn’t expect [the accident] to happen. I think a lot of people mistake that I have psychic powers or something and that I knew this was going to happen and that’s why I was recording.”

The video, which had been viewed more than 8,000 times by Wednesday morning, shows Sales driving slowly out of the parking lot onto Lincoln Highway, turning left onto Pearl Street and striking an oncoming vehicle. Taylor then gives the camera to a Los 3 Burritos worker and assists Chandni Patel, of Bartlett, the driver of the oncoming vehicle.

Patel and Joy McClure, a DeKalb woman who was in the passenger seat of Sales’ vehicle, were transported to Kishwaukee Hospital.

Go to the 1-minute mark for footage of the accident.