Police to crack down on drivers with St. Patrick’s Day special patrols, roadside safety checks


DeKalb Police

By Northern Star staff

Local and state police plan to crack down on drivers who are drunk or not wearing seat belts for St. Patrick’s Day this week.

The state police will conduct a roadside safety check during the week. Officers will look for drunken or impaired drivers, drivers with a suspended or revoked license, people transporting open alcoholic drinks or those operating their vehicle in an unsafe manner, according to a state police news release.

DeKalb police also plan to “crack down on drunk drivers” with special patrols for the holiday, according to a news release. Police will look for drunken drivers and drivers not wearing seat belts.

roadside safety check in late September led to 16 arrests. That safety check led to controversy when DeKalb man Ryan Taylor posted a video of a state police officer opening Taylor’s car door and yelling at him after Taylor asked if he was being detained.