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Festive St. Patrick’s Day Treat

By Haley Galvin | March 8, 2018

The Irish aren’t the only ones who can enjoy St. Patrick’s Day, and this fun and easy homemade trail mix has a festive twist perfect for any party or daytime snack.Supplies:• 3.2 ounce bag of microwave kettle corn• 11.4 ounce bag of M&M’s•...

Tweets from St. Patrick’s Day at NIU

By Northern Star staff | March 18, 2015

Tweets from St. Patrick's Day at NIU. // <![CDATA[ // ]]> [View the story "St. Patrick's Day at NIU" on Storify]

Three leaf clovers

3 things to know about St. Patrick’s Day in DeKalb

By Northern Star staff | March 17, 2015

1. Irish is the second-most common ancestry in the city of DeKalb, and the city is more Irish than Chicago.About 12.3 percent (or 5,504 people) have Irish ancestry in DeKalb.Those with Irish ancestry come second only to those who have German ancestry...

Local plans protest of St. Patrick’s Day roadside safety check via Reddit

By Northern Star staff | March 17, 2015

A local person is advertising a protest of a roadside safety check being conducted by police for St. Patrick's Day via Reddit.User OpenYourMind posted about the protest Monday on the NIU subreddit, encouraging people to join in the protest. Protesters...

DeKalb Police

Police to crack down on drivers with St. Patrick’s Day special patrols, roadside safety checks

By Northern Star staff | March 16, 2015

Local and state police plan to crack down on drivers who are drunk or not wearing seat belts for St. Patrick's Day this week.The state police will conduct a roadside safety check during the week. Officers will look for drunken or impaired drivers, drivers...

St. Patrick’s Day: Top 5 things you shouldn’t do

By Rachel Scaman | March 16, 2015

You may think St. Patrick’s Day is a day where nothing can go wrong. Think again.Like every holiday or special occasion, there are just some things you shouldn’t do.1. Don’t eat or drink anything green unless it was handed to you by a professional.You...

5 movies for St. Patrick’s Day

5 movies for St. Patrick’s Day

By Kelly Bauer | March 16, 2015

Nothing will make you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day more than watching a movie that showcases Ireland’s beauty. Here are the best movies to check out. 5. “The Departed” and “The Boondock Saints”If you’re watching these movies for St....

St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Playlist: Celtic Woman, Dropkick Murphys and more

By Kelly Bauer | March 15, 2015

You’re not celebrating St. Patrick’s Day the right way if you’re listening to Katy Perry.Luckily, the Northern Star has created the Spotify playlist below to make your night perfect. The Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly provide the perfect kick...

St. Paddy’s Day has three arrests

By Norther Star Staff | March 25, 2014

DeKalb Police made two drunk driving arrests and one other significant arrest during the department’s St. Patrick’s Day crackdown.Lt. James McDougall said two of the arrests were made after midnight, according to a news release by the DeKalb Police...

Students and locals hit the town Monday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

By Rachel Scaman | March 18, 2014

Students and locals hit the town Monday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.Bars such as Fatty’s, O’Leary’s and Rosy’s Roadhouse had a St. Patrick’s Day atmosphere, with green everywhere to celebrate the Irish-American holiday.Fatty’sFatty’s...

Police to implement patrols for holiday

By Northern Star Staff | March 16, 2014

Police will crack down on drunk drivers with special patrols for St. Patrick’s Day.Police suggested anyone at parties today should have a sober driver, and hosts should be mindful they may be liable if someone they serve is in a drunk-driving crash.“Too...

Local Bars offer St. Patrick’s Day festivities

By Eric Beesley | March 9, 2011

DeKALB | Local bars and restaurants have big things planned for this year's St. Patrick's Day festivities. "We will be opening the doors at 10 a.m. and will be offering a free Guinness glass to the first ten patrons at this time to spend at their leisure,"...