Storms anticipated later this weekend

By Northern Star Staff

NIU meteorologist Gilbert Sebenste forecasts a break in inclement weather for today and Wednesday morning.

Monday saw storms and a largely overcast day.

“It looks like after the storms leave early [Monday] evening, across the area, we’re actually going to catch a break Tuesday and Wednesday,” Sebenste said. “Some sunshine on Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the lower 80s.”

The weather system that produced the storms visible Monday will come back Wednesday night to Saturday, meaning there is a chance of thunderstorms, Sebenste said.

“The humidity is going to drop tomorrow, so that’s good. And we’re going to see the temperatures … in the upper 70s to the lower 80s for the rest of the week,” Sebenste said. “We might get warmer [weather] on Friday, but we’re still not sure about that.”

Sebenste said the hot weather will stay south of the DeKalb area, keeping mostly to central and southern Illinois, where temperatures will be in the 90s with high humidity.

“Any thunderstorm … can produce 2 inches of rain in an hour and also a lot of lightning,” Sebenste said. “So when these storms approach, stay indoors until they have passed.”