Pass/Fail: Ride survey gets student attention, Tax season worst time of year

By Anthony Szudarski


It seems some students have started to get more involved in decisions at NIU after constant encouragement from the Student Association Senate.

More than 500 students took a Web survey about possible changes to the Late Night Ride service on campus, according to a Monday Northern Star article.

While that number seems small compared to the entire student body, it’s awesome so many people took the survey. The more students get involved, the better the chance changes that benefit them will be made.

It’s easy for students to complain about things not being the best they could be at NIU. With the high turnout during the SA Senate election, and now the number of responses to this survey, I hope the trend continues and students continue to stay involved in decisions next semester.

For that, the students of NIU deserve a pass in my book.


Tis the season of W-2’s, 1040EZ’s and any other tax forms. It’s time to crunch numbers.

I’ve never met people who enjoy filing taxes, and even if I did I’d assume they were lying through their teeth. Every time I sit down for the task I try to reason putting it off for another day.

If you’re like me and work multiple jobs in the same fiscal year it can be a huge pain trying to keep everything together.

Here’s a heartbreaker, though: The deadline for your taxes is next week. If you don’t have it done already, all your filing needs to be postmarked by Tuesday.

Luckily, there are services around town you can take advantage of to help ease the pain of getting your taxes done, but that doesn’t make them fun. There’s no clown dancing as he types away for you or roller coaster excitement of clicking a “file” button. There’s just numbers and realizing how little money you’ll get back for all your work.

I hate tax season. Even though it has to be done, filing taxes gets a fail.