Weekly Gripe: 2,018 trees goal met on accident

By Danny Cozzi

The Master Plan Thesis has yet another reason to drop its plan to plant 2,018 trees by the fall semester.

DeKalb was dubbed a 2013 Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation.

The Tree City award is given to cities that take good care of their trees. Evidently, that’s exactly what DeKalb does.

Mission accomplished, folks. Let’s put down our shovels and focus on things that matter.

Whether our beloved city of corn won the environmental title doesn’t mean much to me. As long as I don’t see smog resting drearily over NIU or DeKalb, I’d say we’re doing just fine as far as oxygen is concerned.

I’m no environmental expert, but I can still see plenty of trees when I look outside. In fact, I have trees on my street, and even in the yard in front of my apartment. I really don’t even know where we would plant more than 2,000, to be honest with you.

Now that the city accomplished one of the Master Plan goals by mistake, the plan can center its focus on real issues, like campus parking problems and the mess of a building we call the Holmes Student Center.

So, now that the grueling task of keeping this place tree-friendly has been completed technically before it started, I think we can move on to bigger and better things.

How about adding 2,018 parking spots for our students, rather than trees?