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The parking lot behind Gabel Hall sits empty Monday. During a typical semester, Lot 38 is usually full, but due to the NIUs campus shutting down, most of the parking lots are barren.

Firsthand account: Commuting from home during a pandemic

By Jack Baudoin, Lifestyle writer | September 10, 2020

Even though we are in college, it does not always feel like it right now. We are not going to and sitting in class like we used to, and that is the exact opposite of what someone would think they would be doing in school. Many students still are experiencing...

Weekly Gripe: 2,018 trees goal met on accident

By Danny Cozzi | April 17, 2014

The Master Plan Thesis has yet another reason to drop its plan to plant 2,018 trees by the fall semester.DeKalb was dubbed a 2013 Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation.The Tree City award is given to cities that take good care of their trees. Evidently,...

InFocus: What should change in the SA?

By Perspective Staff | March 23, 2014

Jeremiah CaterinaThe next Student Association leaders need to communicate more with the student body. I think this should be accomplished in two ways.First, our student leaders need to utilize more technology to reach out to students. Each executive position...

Council looking for committee reps.

By Northern Star Staff | August 28, 2012

The NIU Operating Staff Council is looking for representation on their committees for the 2012-2013 year, said a member of the Chemistry and Biochemistry department in an email. The committees include Campus Parking, Campus Security and Environmental...

Parking rules changed

Parking rules changed

By Felix Sarver | July 16, 2012

NIU decided Sunday that vehicles found driving or parking on sidewalks and grass areas will be ticketed. After feedback from the Campus Parking committee, Student Association and University Council, parking and driving regulations will not only be enforced...

There are other options for students having trouble parking

By Alyssa Pracz | January 24, 2011

It is never fun driving around the parking lot for a half hour looking for a parking spot in the winter. If you are lucky enough to even get a spot, that does not guarantee that it will be plowed or free of ice. Since parking is limited and can be a nuisance...

NIU parking system works…compared to other schools

By Aaron Brooks | October 10, 2010

Bill Vaughan, a former columnist for the Kansas City Star, once wrote, "A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works." While I see the logic in his statement, I, for one, did not. For the past two and a half...