InFocus: What should change in the SA?

By Perspective Staff

Jeremiah Caterina

The next Student Association leaders need to communicate more with the student body. I think this should be accomplished in two ways.

First, our student leaders need to utilize more technology to reach out to students. Each executive position should have associated social media accounts as a means to widely disseminate important news and events. The SA should also implement a weekly wrap-up email from the SA to the student body.

In addition to these developments, face-to-face interactions between the SA and students must become more frequent.

A monthly forum where execs discuss issues and take questions from the students would be invaluable.

Blake Glosson

Even with a strong push for increased enrollment, the focus of the next Student Association should be to improve the experience for current students.

When I hear students conversing about NIU affairs, it’s not usually about what a splendid time they’re having on campus. Instead, the topics are often complaints about unnecessary fees, difficulty with financial aid and frustration with inefficient parking lots and poor road conditions.

While marketing for future students is important, enriching the experience of current Huskies should be the top priority.

Cultivating a better environment for students now will pay off for NIU in the long run.

Matthew Flores

Incorporating some relevancy in the world beyond NIU would be exciting to see.

As a graduate student who spent the last four years on another campus, I have a different perspective of what student government can accomplish in a town.

Our student government can be a good resource to influence things that are happening beyond the school.

Why not use the mechanism of the Student Association to elect students to posts within City Council?

If you want to represent me, I ask for you to do something more meaningful than creating clubs and recognizing fraternities and sororities.

Danny Cozzi

I’d like to see the Student Association reach out to more students and show how the SA’s actions affect them.

Engaging in our community has to be a two-sided effort.

Our student leaders need to make getting involved in important discussions on campus as easy and accessible as possible for students. But students need to be open and willing to be a part of those discussions.

The portion of student fees the SA controls for events and organizations is some of the only money students pay where they have a say in how it’s spent.

With a new executive staff, there will be fresh faces to whom students can voice their concerns.