Weekly Gripe: Shoo geese with parking lots, not robots

By Danny Cozzi

I’m sure by now you’re familiar with the famed Goosinator NIU and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources unveiled.

That’s about $3,500 worth of silly solutions to even sillier problems. Geese are as much a part of the NIU experience as is Corn Fest, squirrels and the Huskie Shuffle.

As bitter as I am toward the Goosinator, I won’t lie and say I didn’t enjoy the idea.

Heck, between you and me, I’d like NIU to mount a camera on the orange R/C car of doom and livestream the action.

But let’s be honest here: Will this actually work? If geese enjoy hanging around the lagoons on campus, I don’t think a robotic scare tactic will ward them off.

Instead, I’d like to see NIU get rid of our geese — if it must — by replacing the lagoons with student parking lots. No dirty lagoons, fewer aggressive geese and more parking? That’s a win in my book.

Students always need more parking, right? We’d benefit much more in the long run by vaccuuming the water right out of these lagoons and building more parking lots.