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Top 5: Improve commuter parking, WiFi over break

By Jeremiah Caterina | April 17, 2014

NIU’s administration will be hard at work over summer improving our university. Here is what changes I want before the fall semester.No. 5: Sell beer at Huskie StadiumI don’t really understand why we don’t sell beer at the stadium.The university...

Letter to the Editor: NIU should have offered goose issue to students

By Jakob Willkomm | March 31, 2014

On March 25, the headline story sung the praises of the Goosinator, a device used to humanely encourage geese to move away from campus.Now, I think everyone can agree that navigating through goose-poop land mines on the way to class or fleeing from a...

Weekly Gripe: Shoo geese with parking lots, not robots

By Danny Cozzi | March 26, 2014

I’m sure by now you’re familiar with the famed Goosinator NIU and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources unveiled.That’s about $3,500 worth of silly solutions to even sillier problems. Geese are as much a part of the NIU experience as is Corn...

The Goosinator stands at the Grounds Building just south of Huskie Stadium. The device is a humane way to transfer geese populations from less desirable areas of the campus and East Lagoon to areas more suitable for geese.

There’s a new sheriff in town: Goosinator

By Lark Lewis & Allison Krecek | March 25, 2014

NIU has partnered with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to decrease the number of geese on campus.The department and NIU are bringing in the Goosinator to solve the problem. The Goosinator, which costs $3,497 to buy and $300 to $400 a year...

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