Social media can affect career

By Shikha Duttyal

Demonstrating expertise and professionalism through social media was highlighted in a presentation Wednesday.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” was the theme of Wednesday’s Social Networking and Your Career workshop, organized by Student Affairs & Enrollment Management and Housing and Dining in the Neptune Smart Classroom.

Mary M. Myers, director of Campus and Employer Relations, delivered the presentation on social networking to students in accordance with student affairs, graduate assistants, student involvement and leadership development prior to the workshop.

The workshop showed social media’s impact on future employment and outlined strategies for successful networking, like targeting companies, people, recruiters and getting noticed.

“It’s not about asking for you; it’s about building relationships by demonstrating expertise in your area,” Myers said.

Myers said 79 percent of U.S. hiring managers review online information about job applicants through social media and 70 percent reject candidates because of what they found online, like complaints about a job or work, profanity and gossiping.

Matthew Hanson, graduate staff assistant of Housing and Dining, worked on the workshop, which was part of Huskie Hot Topics, a program to help students achieve success while attending NIU.

“It’s about who you know and what you do to promote yourself at the right place and the right sites, etcetera,” Hanson said.

Antoinette Green, junior rehabilitation services major, said the influence of social media is increasing when it comes to employment.

“It brought a lot of awareness and, as Mary [Myers] mentioned, it is about selling your personal brand,” Green said.