Concealed carry law leaves students uprotected

By Jack Bennett

I appreciate your editorial on gun law facts so students can be aware for their own protection.

The rules and regulations on “concealed carry” are well intentioned, but appear poorly thought out with regard to student safety.

They leave all on campus completely unprotected.

In the time it takes an alarm to get to the police and for them to respond, a great deal of injury and death may occur.

This became very apparent a few years ago on Valentine’s Day when several students were killed and injured in Cole Hall.

The “no guns on campus (concealed or not)” rule was announced in 1963 by President Leslie Holmes.

It was silly at the time, and it was certainly no help to the students in Cole Hall.

One or two of the 200-plus students with a weapon and the required skill could have easily reduced or stopped the damage.

The important point is that the signs on the doors give the criminal or mentally ill person who wishes to kill a guarantee that no one will have a weapon to stop their inhuman activity.

The notice is a license to kill.

Silence on the subject would at least give pause to the perpetrator and perhaps lead elsewhere.

Even better would be a sign saying, “There may be well-trained people with guns in this building. Please be thoughtful and polite to everyone.”