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Marijuana, ammo found in dormitory

Northern Star Staff

April 9, 2014

Thomas E. Goodlow Jr., 19, of Chicago, was arrested for marijuana and ammunition in his residence hall room Saturday.Goodlow was charged with possession of cannabis 30 grams and under, possession of cannabis with intent to deliver and unlawful possession of firearm ammunition. Police searched his room i...

Pass/Fail: First 5,000 gun licenses sent out, Teachers assign work over break

Blake Glosson

March 6, 2014

Pass: First 5,000 gun licenses sent outThe first 5,000 licenses from more than 50,000 Illinois applicants for concealed carry were approved and mailed on Friday, according to the Chicago Tribune.This marks a long-anticipated moment following a December 2012 federal appeals court decision invalidatin...

Pass/Fail: Rec event helps students get in shape, but law alienates those with illness

Kim Randall

February 25, 2014

Pass: Bring A Friend Week shows what Rec can offerThe Recreation Center’s Bring a Friend Week is an event to get more students in to work out and get excited about their fitness.Monday to Saturday, students who have a FitPass can bring along a friend to join in on any group fitness class. The best part: ...

300 locals apply for concealed carry

Ryan Chodora

February 17, 2014

Locals are taking advantage of Illinois’ concealed-carry law as more than 300 people have applied for a concealed-carry permit in DeKalb County.A concealed-carry permit allows a person to conceal a handgun or other weapon in permitted public places. In order to obtain a permit, an Illinois resident mu...

Concealed carry law leaves students uprotected

Jack Bennett

January 27, 2014

I appreciate your editorial on gun law facts so students can be aware for their own protection.The rules and regulations on “concealed carry” are well intentioned, but appear poorly thought out with regard to student safety.They leave all on campus completely unprotected.In the time it takes an alarm ...

Council makes changes to reflect state law

Lark Lewis

January 14, 2014

City Council looked at what role DeKalb will play in the state’s recently enacted medical marijuana and concealed carry laws at its meeting Monday.DeKalb has ordinances that prohibit the use of guns and the possession of drug paraphernalia and weed, creating a need to amend these ordinances to line...

City Council plans to discuss 2014 laws tonight

Stoney Stone

January 13, 2014

City Council meets today to discuss changes to DeKalb’s municipal code in response to state legalization of medical marijuana and concealed carry.The City Council meeting will be held at 5 p.m. at the municipal building, 200 S. Fourth St.City attorney Dean Frieders said there will be a process for how the ...

University Council talks student retention

Student Association President Jack Barry (right) speaks at the University Council meeting Wednesday on retention, enrollment and how he is excited about the upcoming academic year.

James Green

September 19, 2013

NIU President Doug Baker’s first University Council meeting was brief and upbeat.In his opening announcements, Baker emphasized not only retention and enrollment rates, but also student involvement, career success and reaching out to alumni. He believes NIU has the potential to be a “24/7 total imme...

Concealed-carry law returns to Ill. General Assembly

Mary Diamond

April 8, 2012

If you’re reading this in the state of Illinois, the person next to you is not carrying a concealed weapon - at least, not legally. The Family and Personal Protection Act (HB0148), failed to pass in the Illinois General Assembly by 6 votes last year, but is in committee again under the name HB5745,...

Ill. legislators remain split on concealed carry

Brittany Swinton

September 14, 2011

The May defeat of concealed carry legislation left some Illinois residents upset. U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren released a press statement addressing a letter he recently sent to Illinois lawmakers regarding concealed carry legislation. In the letter, Hultgren pointed out that the Supreme Court has made it cle...

Concealed-carry laws should not be restricted to guns

Logan Short

March 31, 2011

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column in regards to efforts in several states to implement concealed-carry laws on college campuses. At first I was against it, but I retract my opinion and believe that concealed-carry laws should be implemented on college campuses as long as it isn't restricted to guns. ...