Plus/minus system not penalizing student GPA

By Mateusz Palenik

Senior accountancy major

OK, a couple of problems with the “Plus/minus grading no friend to A students” by Blake Glosson.

1. The plus/minus doesn’t penalize the “hardest workers.” It penalizes, should your professor choose to adopt it, the borderline students that just barely got the better grade, be it an A, B, C or whatever.

2. If you dislike the plus/minus system why would you want to mandate it? Seriously, what is the logic in that because I’m not buying the “to make classes equal” argument. This is a university; the last thing we need is standardized classes. The truth is that every class is different because in every class the professor is different and the students are different. Because of that, a professor will have to adjust their methods in order to best teach their class. That is why this system is here and why it isn’t mandatory.

It is simply a tool to allow professors to adjust their class so that it can be best it can be.