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Issues in Focus: What should NIU change first?

By Perspective Staff | March 19, 2014

Kim RandallAdding major-specific courses to NIU’s general education is key to enhancing the university’s curriculum and benefiting students.This change could make students more engrossed in their studies, boost grades and even increase participation...

Plus/minus system not penalizing student GPA

By Mateusz Palenik | January 20, 2014

Senior accountancy majorOK, a couple of problems with the “Plus/minus grading no friend to A students” by Blake Glosson.1. The plus/minus doesn’t penalize the “hardest workers.” It penalizes, should your professor choose to adopt it, the borderline...

University Council lets plus/minus grading system through

By Felix Sarver | November 7, 2012

Plus/minus grading will soon go into effect at NIU. The option to veto the plus/minus grading policy was brought up again at a University Council (UC) meeting Wednesday. The UC decided during an Oct. 10 meeting to send the policy to the Undergraduate...

Faculty Senate discusses Illinois debt, adds SA representative

By Matt Liparota | August 31, 2011

"Welcome to another wonderful year at Faculty Senate."With these words Wednesday afternoon, Faculty Senate President Alan Rosenbaum opened another year for the legislative body and urged its members - which counts one voting member for each university...

Plus/minus grading system rewards those who work hard

By Letter Writer | March 7, 2011

Despite the overwhelming opposition to altering the grading systems, I support the conversion. To date, I have yet to hear a valid reason why there shouldn't be a change. This conversion would actually help students to be rewarded for better work, rather...

Implementing a plus/minus grading system hurts current students

By Letter Writer | March 6, 2011

In regards to the implementation of a new grading system at NIU, I must express my deep concern. I see many problems arising out of such a system being placed on the students who are well into their degree programs. With the amount of stress already being...

Photo illustration of student looking over transcripts.

Students react to the plus/minus grading system

By Jessica Sabbah | March 1, 2011

DeKALB | Students have mixed feelings about the implementation of the proposed plus/minus grading system. "I'm on the fence about it because last semester it would have benefited me, but now this semester I'm doing well," said Jasmine Crespo, freshman...

Patricia Henry (middle), foreign language and literature professor, raises her hand in support of the Plus-Minus Bill proposed to the Faculty Senate Wednesday in the Sky Room of the Holmes Student Center.

Plus/minus? Faculty senate considers changes to grading system

By Jessicah Sabbah | February 10, 2011

NIU got one step closer to implementing a plus/minus grading system Wednesday afternoon. "The [Faculty] Senate voted to recommend to make a change in the NIU grading system to the plus/minus system," said Faculty Senate President Alan Rosenbaum. The new...