Useful inventions for college students

By Hayley Devitt

As we get deeper into the semester, schoolwork and other responsibilities seem to pile up fast.

To combat feelings of overwhelming stress, there are a few ideas I have for inventions that would benefit college students.

First, we need teleportation docks for getting to class faster than the bus can take us. They could be installed in all of the showers in the residence halls and apartments. Sure, the responsible thing would be to plan ahead to get to class on time, but sometimes we tend to want to work until the last minute on projects and assignments. Furthermore, such a device would aid in the plight of commuter students with their nearly hopeless parking options.

I also think some kind of IV drip that pumps all the nutrients you need directly into your body would be good. This way, you won’t have to stop studying for meal breaks. The big drawback to that would be taking the joy and taste away from cooking and eating.

Another invention I dreamt up is a paper-writing brain wave adapter that connects to a computer. The function, of course, would be to type essays — or columns — while sleeping. They would still be your original thoughts going to print, but you can get your rest while getting them down.

Interestingly, a couple of my classmates had good ideas for college-improving gadgets.

“An alarm clock with an alarm clock built in it, because my alarm clock is not enough,” said senior illustration major Allison Corr.

It could be the “Inception” of alarm clocks. I like it.

“Everything I want are real things, like those Japanese vending machines that have sandwiches,” said senior illustration major Abby Weiman.

That would make for a quick meal we would not have to leave campus for.

And if professors could dream up any kind of invention that would make their job easier, what would it be?

“An iPad app that already had the answer to every student question built in,” said assistant illustration professor Jeremy Tinder. “I would just have the students ask Siri. Some psychic app that knows the answer to every question — and it would have helped me come up with an answer to that question faster.”

Just for fun, I wanted to look up a few whacky inventions from the past.

One is an amphibious bicycle, meaning it could ride on land and water, from ’30s Paris. In the late ’20, wooden bathing suits were introduced. Lastly, what I see as a precursor to the Walkman and MP3 players was the portable straw hat radio from 1931.

Some of the inventions I found remind me of the dumb things we can order off the TV today. The purpose of new inventions coming out is to make everyday tasks easier, but some you just have to laugh at.

Having anything we could possibly desire readily available would be great, but not exactly a reality of life. For now, I guess we can either work on these inventions or just continue doing our best with what we have.