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Senior illustration major Hayley Devitt hangs up the artwork submitted for her Halloween art exhibition, What Are You Afraid Of?. The exhibit was presented by her group, Humanities for Womyn.

Fears of local artists displayed at exhibit

By Dan Ehrhardt | October 30, 2013

Local artists were empowered by sharing what they are afraid of through art at the What Are You Afraid Of? exhibit Tuesday at the House Cafe, 263 E. Lincoln Highway.The event featured live music performed by bands The Earth Program and Doleful Lions and...

Artists bring fear to House

By Porsha Stennis | October 28, 2013

A student is hoping to expose female faces of the art world in DeKalb through a Halloween art exhibit.Senior illustration major Hayley Devitt is debuting her first art exhibit, called What Are You Afraid of?, from 9 p.m. to midnight today at the House...

Local pair supports music with company

By Hayley Devitt | October 16, 2013

Until recently, Camille Piazza and Eric Sterling have been working to plan and host events mainly as volunteer and fundraising efforts.Piazza and Sterling have been prominent volunteer supporters of DeKalb’s music scene. But on Aug. 14, Piazza and Sterling...

Fees for athletics should be optional

By Hayley Devitt | October 9, 2013

Much of NIU’s meaty price tag is owed to various student fees, but do you wonder where that money goes?It seems like getting an education is more expensive every year, and much to my chagrin, an athletic fee is assessed every semester among a long list...

Useful inventions for college students

By Hayley Devitt | October 2, 2013

As we get deeper into the semester, schoolwork and other responsibilities seem to pile up fast.To combat feelings of overwhelming stress, there are a few ideas I have for inventions that would benefit college students.First, we need teleportation docks...

Take Back the Night has rich past with civil rights

By Hayley Devitt | October 2, 2013

Take Back the Night is back at NIU and everyone is invited.Take Back the Night is an internationally known demonstration aimed at raising awareness for and standing against crimes of sexual and domestic violence that happen all the time.In writing this,...

Cat calls not how to compliment women

By Hayley Devitt | September 25, 2013

You know the old cartoon stereotype of the construction workers heckling attractive ladies as they walk by minding their own business?Now, instead of construction workers, young men in DeKalb like to harass female students as they walk home at night.Perhaps...

Landlords: Rethink no-pet policies

By Hayley Devitt | September 18, 2013

As I go about my lonely existence at this university, it would sure be nice to come home to a friend who is always there, always has time to hang out, always listens and likes to cuddle.Such a friend can most readily be found in a dog or cat, but a big...

Illness more than skin deep

By Hayley Devitt | September 12, 2013

It would be great to have the power to turn invisible. I could mess with people and they’d never know it was me pranking them.As it turns out, it isn’t so fun to have a disease which does exactly that. This week is Invisible Illness Awareness Week,...

Biological clock a myth, but waiting to start family has its issues

By Hayley Devitt | September 5, 2013

The obvious truth is women eventually lose the ability to conceive with the onset of menopause. I wanted to find out if this urge to bear children, also known as “baby fever,” was a real phenomenon in the female psyche or just a myth.According to...

Playful advice for making a res hall room your own

By Hayley Devitt | August 27, 2013

Students this week have been settling in to their new class schedules, making friends and buying school supplies. In the midst of all this excitement, one must not neglect one’s living quarters.In other words, I would advise NIU’s young adults living...

Pay It Forward a good program to alleviate student debt

Pay It Forward a good program to alleviate student debt

By Hayley Devitt | July 16, 2013

If you’ve kept up with news for the last few weeks, you probably have learned interest rates for student loans are on the rise.But a more optimistic occurrence in the news was Oregon’s State Senate passing H.B. 3472 earlier this month. Called “Pay...