LGBT, Women’s Studies meet and greet campus

By Rachel Scaman

The LGBT and Women’s Studies Program will hold an open house from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. today.

The program held a similar open house Wednesday. During the meeting, students and staff were welcome to come in and learn how to get involved with LGBT and Women’s Studies Program.

“You just come in, have snacks and see people you haven’t seen during the summer,” said Kristen Myers, director of Woman’s Studies. “It’s a back-to-school welcome.”

Anybody is welcome to participate in the open houses that will be held during the year.

“Students who are sitting in the hall or walk by have an opportunity to be a part of it,” said Myers.

The LGBT and Women’s Studies Program plans to hold many events during the year.

“This is the kick-off event,” said Myers. “The calender is online and it will grow and any student or faculty member is welcome to attend almost any event.”

The LGBT and Women’s Studies Program are providing students with engaged learning opportunities, critical thinking skills and internship programs, said Myers.

“Our women’s studies courses are taught by faculty all over the campus so that students get exposed to different disciplines and theories,” said Myers.

Kim Volmer, English doctoral candidate and teaching assistant for Women’s Studies 230, said students and faculty are taking an interest in the LGBT and women’s studies community.

“It’s been really nice to see all the diversity across the campus,” said Volmer.

There are classes that NIU offers that discuss women’s studies for students who want to learn more.

“We talk about women, gender and contemporary American culture,” said Volmer.