City festival’s food pleased palates

By Kathryn Minniti

The food of Corn Fest has come a long way from farmers giving away ears of corn 36 years ago.

Ice cream, funnel cakes, burgers, beef and sausages were all provided at the festival.

There were many tents and booths serving good food and merchandise, and there were even booths handing out free clothing and cups.

The first thing I tried was the Mexican corn from Kiwanis Club of DeKalb. Mexican “Fiesta Corn” comes with mayonnaise, spices, butter and some type of chili pepper powder. I tried it without the mayonnaise, and I thought the corn was delicious. It was only $3. Kiwanis Club even cut the corn off the cob for me so I could eat it with a fork.

“I really liked the corn,” said senior communication major Allison Awerkamp. “It has a nice kick to it. The Italian ice [from Sunshine Scoop Shoppe and Bakery] was also very tasty.”

After trying out the corn, I made my way toward Sunshine Scoop Shoppe and Bakery. I tried tie-dye Italian Ice for only $3 and thought it was a refreshing treat to help survive the heat. It was a mixture of green apple and raspberry blue flavors. It looked and tasted great.

Those who were 21 and older could also buy a $5 wristband, sit in the beer garden and throw back some cold ones.

“It’s nice to see it [Corn Fest] back in downtown DeKalb,” said Dave Kolars, 67, of DeKalb, as he enjoyed Italian sausage from a Genoa tent.

Lemonade was sold at several stands, and there was even a root beer float stand. I chose the large $5 thirst-quenching lemonade, which was an absolute must on that hot afternoon. I was not the only one that loved it. “I truly enjoyed [the] fresh-squeezed lemonade they served on such a hot day at Corn Fest,” said senior journalism major Katie Lavelle. “I also loved the free giveaways they had at many booths.”

The last thing I tried at Corn Fest before it began to thunderstorm was chicken kabob at the Mediterraneo tent. Seven dollars and 20 minutes later I was given my chicken and rice. The kabob had a little kick to it and was very tender. It was my first time trying that restaurant and it was pretty good.

It was my first year at Corn Fest and I was happy with all the choices.