Rock trendy denim vest with creative, stylish looks

Aymie Telinski

A vest can add a touch of cool to any outfit, or another layer of warmth when the nights are getting cooler.

Denim vests can add edginess to even the most girly dress. Jean vests come in all shapes in sizes. When picking out one that is right for you, make sure the vest ends at your hips. If longer, the vest won’t look proportional. When wearing a vest over a dress, the outfit will not look right.

Just like how your favorite pair of jeans come in thousands of washes and colors, jean vests also have endless color options. I prefer a lighter color of jean because it goes with more outfits.

If adding a jean vest to more denim, be careful that the two aren’t similar. One should be dark while the other light. Don’t look like Jay Leno with the same color denim on top and bottom.

A cute outfit to rock a vest with would be black skinny pants, a tank top and Converse shoes.

Also try jean vests with your favorite dress and transform your look from sweet girl to edgy woman.

I love when people add things to the vest, like studs from a craft store attached to the vest’s shoulders. Adding funny, small pins to the front of a vest also makes for a cute look. In some cases, people add their favorite bands’ patches to the back of a vest. Take your jean vest one step farther.