OPINION: SHEIN is better than Fashion Nova


Northern Star File Photo | Summer Fitzgerald

SHEIN, an online store, has recently become a main source of fast fashion as it is heavily promoted across social media platforms through “SHEIN Hauls”.

By JaMaria'h Crider, Columnist

SHEIN and Fashion Nova are two online stores that almost every girl shops at when they are looking to get “fye” for a day. Although we are not sponsored by either of these brands, it’s still a debate on which store is most preferred. Fashion Nova, unlike SHEIN, started off extremely busy. A lot of girls shopped at Fashion Nova before they even knew what SHEIN was. As someone who shops on both sites, it’s hard to determine which site is actually the best to shop on. 

All day, back and forth I switch between Fashion Nova and SHEIN. The funny part about shopping on both sites is that they sell the same exact clothes. Although it is clear that both sites get clothes from the same vendor, SHEIN will always be a better pick when shopping for cute clothes.

To begin, SHEIN is way cheaper than Fashion Nova. 

Shopping at Fashion Nova can be expensive. If you fill the cart up with at least 20 items, you’re looking at $200 or more. If you go on SHEIN and fill your cart up with 20 items, you’re looking at $100-$150 at most. 

Even when Fashion Nova puts a few items on sale, those sale prices are usually the prices of SHEIN’s clothes without a sale. I mean, the girls love a good sale. The girls that get it, get it and the girls that don’t, don’t. A deal is always your best friend. That’s exactly why SHEIN would be the best place to shop if you’re looking to be stylish on a budget. 

Not only is SHEIN more affordable, but SHEIN’s products ship out almost always within the next day. Fashion Nova, on the other hand, takes about a week or so to ship out. Personally, I’ve ordered from both sites and I received my package from SHEIN within a week. Fashion Nova took a little over two weeks. 

When you shop online, you want to order from somewhere that will get your order to you as soon as possible. Fashion Nova is a more popular website so it likely takes longer because of higher order volume. 

Fashion Nova does not have a live customer service representative on its website. SHEIN, on the other hand, has an actual button located on its website named “customer service.” It’s really beneficial to have this somewhere where customers can see it. Although most people don’t have problems when ordering products online, it’s very reliable and helpful to customers to know that if they have an issue, they can get help. 

If you’re looking to shop somewhere that has fast shipping, cheap prices for the cutest clothing, and somewhere that actually has help on their website, I suggest that you shop at SHEIN. Fashion Nova is a good quality website and it’s higher in popularity, but it’s not like SHEIN. 

What is the point of paying more for something just because of what website it came from? SHEIN is the best website to purchase cute, stylish, and cheap products. As a matter of fact, I’m on my way to purchase something from SHEIN right now.