Senior golfer looks back on career

By Sam Bauman

Senior Allie Parthie has had a long and successful career for the women’s golf team. Statistically she’s been the team’s best player the past three seasons as she’s tallied the lowest stroke per round average. The Huskies’ No. 1 golfer is actually a late bloomer in terms of when she started golfing.

“I started golfing the summer going into my eighth grade year,” Parthie said. “My aunt, who was my high school golf coach, played at Northern too. She was a big golfer and wanted to get me into it. I followed in her footsteps.”

The fact that Parthie is the only senior on the team makes her almost a default leader. Head coach Kim Kester believes Parthie is everything a person can be as a golfer and as a leader.

“Not only is she a great leader on the course, but off the course as well,” Kester said. “She’s a great student, great athlete, everything you want your players to be.”

Parthie sees herself as a leader, as well.

“I think being the only senior they’re obviously going to look up to me,” Parthie said. “I hope I provide a good example for them.”

Parthie has set a good playing example her entire career for the Huskies. In her sophomore season she had the team’s lowest stroke-per-round average with an 81.1. The next two seasons she has held the title, tallying a 79.3 last season and following that up with a 79.1 so far this season.

Parthie wants to end her career on a high note. Going into the MAC Championship this weekend she has only one goal.

“Winning individually is my goal this weekend,” Parthie said.

For Parthie it would be the first and only individual win in her collegiate career should she win. She’s been close to winning, though; in fact, she’s tallied four top-five finishes this season alone, putting her total of top-five finishes at eight for her career. Parthie is hoping she can tally her first ever win in her final collegiate competition.

“I’m always right around the top-five, but I’ve never actually finished and won a tournament,” Parthie said. “It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do but I’ve never achieved, and this is my last shot. I’m going to go out there and give it my all and hope it turns out in my favor.”