Sister golfers motivate each other and team

By Sam Bauman

Golf often runs in the family, but few siblings get the opportunity to golf with each other in college. Sophomore Taylor Ellett and freshman Connie Ellett are doing just that for the women’s golf team.

For the Ellett sisters, golf at NIU has also been a family tradition.

“We started golfing because both of our parents played in college,” Connie Ellett said. “Our mom played at Northern.”

The sisters have been playing golf since Taylor Ellett was 7 and Connie Ellett was 6. Connie said the girls weren’t that interested in golfing at the time.

“We didn’t really like it that much at first because we weren’t very good; our favorite part was riding in the cart and eating candy,” Connie Ellett said. “But the better we got the more we liked the sport.”

Growing up playing golf with each other has let the sisters have a unique opportunity to help each other on their games. Each of the sisters drives the other to improve.

“It’s really crazy because we both push each other to be better,” Taylor Ellett said. “We both have very different personalities, but we balance each other out as far as combativeness goes. We work really well together, and it’s been a great experience to have her as a teammate and as a sister.”

Connie Ellett agrees that golfing with her sister has helped improve her game.

“She’s made me a lot better,” Connie Ellett said. “We both know each other’s swing really well and we can help each other improve.”

Siblings often are competitive, and the Ellett sisters are no different. Connie Ellett said they use practice time to push each other.

“We’re very competitive with each other in practice,” Connie Ellett said. “Her and I will have chipping and putting contests all the time.”

Even though both siblings are extremely competitive, neither of them sees a rivalry.

“I would never call it a sibling rivalry,” Taylor Ellett said. “I would call it a competition to make the other one better. We’re always happy for each other, even when one of us plays better.”

The Ellett sisters have the ability to work with each other on a daily basis. Their relationship allows the two of them to help improve their games, an opportunity neither takes for granted.

“We both work really well together; we always want each other to do well,” Taylor Ellett said. “Having your sister is a unique experience that not a lot of people get to have.”