‘PokémonMMO’ will excite Pokéfans

By Patrick Pastrana

Pokémon and beloved characters like Charizard have evolved into an online multiplayer form.

Back in the day, Pokémon lovers found themselves spending dozens of hours catching, battling and training their Pokémon to become the greatest of all. As technology advanced, we started to see some online capability on the Nintendo DS, allowing you to battle your friends via Wi-Fi and Internet.

But now, a group of skilled programmers have created an massively multiplayer online (MMO) game called “PokeMMO.” When I first heard of it, I was very skeptical about the concept. But when I played it, it was more than what I imagined it could be. “PokeMMO” is almost exactly like the Game Boy Advance game “Pokemon FireRed,” but it’s 10 times better. You’re able to travel on the adventure with your friends and strangers online. Trading and battling has become so much easier than before.

“PokeMMO” has quite amazing gameplay, even though there are still a few minor bugs and kinks.

Griffin McElroy from Polygon.com said, “Some functionality and animations are still in the works, but for the most part, PokeMMO lets players relive the battles and collecting of the series’ first installment alongside hundreds, if not thousands of rivals.”

Most players in the game have overlooked those bugs so they can continue playing an amazing game that they grew up with.

According to a forum on the PokeMMO website, “We aren’t the first to do this; many have tried, many have failed. We have a plan, sort of. But we intend to stay around for a long time and bring you the best MMO ever, we have nothing better to do.”

With that being said, it seems PokeMMO will be trying to stick around for a while.

I guarantee “PokeMMO” will soon be adored by every Pokémon fan in the next few months with its rise in popularity. Who doesn’t want an online Pokémon game to play with other people on a convenient online system? PokéHaters, that’s who. If you’re interested in how to install this game, head over to PokeMMO.eu.