Internet gives boost to holiday book store sales

By Erin Kolb

Internet sales prove popular for the NIU Bookstore and Village Commons Bookstore around the holidays.

Paul Palian, director of media and public relations, said sales are usually twice as high for the NIU Bookstore, 340 Carroll Ave., and the Village Commons Bookstore, 901 Lucinda Ave., at this time of the year. Internet sales are five times higher now than in previous years, he said.

NIU Bookstore manager Don Turk said some shopping trends tend to stay the same every year. Hoodies are always the top sold items, Turk said.

“Ever year we also sell more children’s items as gifts,” Turk said.

Jody Boardman, Village Commons Bookstore manager, said some special items available at the bookstore include various school ornaments and NIU-themed snowman decorations.

Palian said there is now a greater demand for NIU Huskie apparel for the upcoming holidays because of the MAC Championship win.

Both of the stores have special items to celebrate the recent success of the NIU football team.

“This year, we have MAC Championship Ts and Orange Bowl shirts,” Boardman said. “A lot of people are coming in and buying T-shirts to give family members for the holidays.”

Freshman marketing major Trevor Korn said he plans to do his Christmas shopping before he leaves on winter break. He said everyone in his family wants NIU shirts or hoodies.

“I’m definitely going to go to the Village Commons Bookstore or [NIU] bookstore to get all that,” Korn said.

Korn said the stores are convenient because they are close to campus.