Helpful tips to buy the perfect holiday gifts

Olivia Rajska

Christmas is the time of giving, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect gift. Here are some helpful ideas for your holiday shopping adventures.

For Her:

If you’re looking for a gift for her, there are plenty of options to choose from. It is important to figure out her hobbies and favorite things.

In general, women love anything that will relax them, like candles, body lotions and powders, fuzzy slippers, socks or a cozy robe.

Figuring out sizes for clothes may be difficult, but if you know her size and style, give it a try and always remember to get a gift receipt with your purchase.

Women love to feel pampered, so you can never go wrong with a salon service. Makeup is also a great gift; nail polish, eye shadow, lip gloss, makeup bags and brushes will most likely be well-received.

Accessories are another option, especially jewelry, fashion scarves, gloves, bags, belts or hats.

Perfumes are a risky buy, but if you already know her favorite scent or a scent she is willing to try out, you are in the clear.

Chocolates are an easy gift, and usually everyone will give in to something sweet this time of the year.

For Him:

Men may be harder to shop for than women. They may not get too excited for a new fleece sweater, but new clothes won’t hurt them. Add some extra class for the men in your life with a nice button-up shirt and a tie.

Men love their technology devices, so look into the latest gadgets for phones, music and tablets. There are a lot options to choose from, like speakers, keyboards for their tablets, headphones or a fun case for their phones.

Sports also come into mind when choosing a gift for him. Find out what his favorite sports team is and get him a jersey, hat or a ticket to an upcoming game.

Other good gift ideas for him include games, CDs, cologne and a classy watch.

Don’t let the holiday rush get to you while you shop for your gifts. Save yourself the stress by buying your gifts ahead of time so you can enjoy every bit of the holiday season.