Four ways to achieve the perfect holiday gift

Four ways to achieve the perfect holiday gift

By Sophia Phillips

Finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be taxing, especially if they are difficult to buy for, but there are ways to find a great gift for everyone. Here are different questions to ask and strategies to try when shopping this holiday season.

What do they want?

Asking this simple question is an obvious way to figure out what to get someone. However, one might have difficulty answering this question and even if there is an answer, the recipient then knows what to expect and the gift is no longer a surprise.

Instead of asking, think about what they might want and things they may have mentioned in previous conversations. This strategy allows the gift to remain a surprise and can be easier than expected.

What do they need?

Think about what the person is lacking. If there is anything they recently lost or broke, buying them a replacement would be meaningful and insightful.

If there is something they are always borrowing because they don’t have one of their own this could be a good opportunity to fill that void. Also consider if they are unable to do a something because they don’t have the resources because sometimes those resources can be provided as a gift.

Thinking about what a person needs can lead to a gift that will both help them and appear meaningful.

What are their favorite things?

Everybody is a little obsessed with something and would be happy to get more of their favorite things. Think about the recipient’s favorite colors, movies, music and so on. These things can help guide the gift in the right direction.

No one would complain upon receiving a gift that included some of their favorite things, even if it’s in a small way. Combine the favorites to make a thoughtful gift basket at what can be an affordable price.

Check social media

If you don’t know enough about a person to answer these questions the best thing to do is learn more about them. The recipient’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or other social media accounts can say a lot about them. Try to look at what they “like” and follow, and use these things tactics to spark ideas for their gift.

Checking social media can give hints to things an acquaintance might like or want and is sure to help you learn more about them.