Students openly express political views during ‘This I Believe’ event Monday


Nick Bender, junior business administration major, presents an essay on the importance of voting in the Sky Room in the Holmes Student Center Monday.

By Joe Palmer

Students overcame social stigmas and openly talked about their political beliefs during a This I Believe event in the Holmes Student Center’s Sky Room on Monday.

Teresa Bozikis, graduate assistant for the Orientation and First Year Connections Office, said the event was designed to allow for the exchange of ideas and beliefs in a respectful environment.

“We wanted to bring everyone together to express their beliefs on politics,” Bozikis said. “No debates and no arguments, just beliefs and respect for those who share them.”

The event allowed for students to present short essays that outlined their beliefs and thoughts on politics. Some, like Kyle Bak, junior public administration major, presented essays written by famous political leaders. Bak read an essay by Colin Powell on the strengths of America.

“Events like this allow us to explore political ideas, and make people think,” Bak said.

Other students, like Erik Reyes, senior math education major, presented original works outlining their personal values.

Kelsey Shockey, senior communications major, said the event provided attendees the opportunity to validate their opinions and views on politics.

“Getting the chance to speak publicly allows people who may not get the chance to always speak about something as intense as politics to express their beliefs,” Shockey said. “It helps to solidify beliefs and stances on the issues.”

Bozikis said the event is part of this year’s Common Reading Experience, which hopes to connect students with the community around them.

“It is of the upmost importance to allow our students, staff and faculty to express and present their beliefs in an open environment,” Bozikis said. “I find a significance in connecting what’s going on in society with what’s going on in our lives and values.”