SA Senate discusses future of Huskie Bus system


Senators Mathew Dunn, Blake Goldman, and Derek Koegel bowed their heads and closed their eyes after Speaker of the Senate Austin Quick requested for a moment of silence to pay respect to Huskie David Bogenberger who passed away this past Friday November 2, 2012.

By Felix Sarver

The Huskie Bus system may face a financial crisis.

Student Association (SA) President Delonte LeFlore called on the SA’s senators to help with the bus system at the SA meeting Sunday. LeFlore said the SA may withstand additional costs for maintaining the bus system because of the low student enrollment affecting its budget, which is funded by student activity fees.

LeFlore said bus routes may delayed as a result, but the SA needed to address this problem so it would not carry into next year.

“I know it will frustrate students but we’ll need a plan in place,” LeFlore said.

Senator Rebecca Clark, vice chair of the SA Mass Transit Committee, said the SA overestimated the student enrollment in its fiscal year 2012 budget. The SA may need to cut the bus system budget by $70,000, but the bus routes would need to be looked at more, she said. The total budget of the bus system is $3.9 million, said Seth Peritz, SA director of mass transit.

The Senate took a moment in silence for the death of David Bogenberger, a student found dead at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity House on Friday. In his report, SA Senate Speaker Austin Quick said it is sad to see someone full of energy and life die.

“It’s always a reality shock,” Quick said.

Quick said it is important for students to take responsibility for each other. Even if students don’t know someone, they should take care of them, he said. Quick said he would meet with members of Greek Row on this issue and Senator James Zanayed would be helping senators with bystander training. The SA will plan Bogenberger’s memorial at 5 p.m. today in the Campus Life Building, Room 180. The memorial will take place at 4 p.m. on Wednesday in the Holmes Student Center’s Carl Sandburg Auditorium.

The Senate did not pass a bill approving of two students to be on the advisory search committee for the next university president, following NIU President John Peters’ announcement that he was retiring. The committee would advise the Board of Trustees on choosing the next president. LeFlore requested he and Cara Prock, SA chief of staff, be on the committee. After Senator Dalton Johnson suggested Prock be removed from LeFlore’s request, the bill was sent to the rules and procedures committee for more adjustments.

The Senate also nominated several SA members for the position of speaker next year, as Quick will be graduating at the end of this semester. Senators Mike Theodore, James Alford and Zanayed were nominated, as were President Pro Tempore Brian Troutman and SA Senate Clerk Chad Harris. The Senate will vote on who will be speaker at their meeting on Sunday.