SA Senate voted to fix 2013 budget issues Sunday


Joshua Venaas, senior geology major, speaks at a S.A Senate meeting by updating the senate with the senate’s budget.

By Felix Sarver

The Student Association (SA) Senate approved a bill to fix their budget for fiscal year 2013 at a meeting Sunday.

In his presentation of the bill, SA Treasurer Joshua Venaas told the Senate there were errors in last year’s budget that required fixes.

The budget also needed to be adjusted because the low student enrollment for fall 2012 led to low student activity fees for the SA.

According to the bill, the SA’s FY2013 budget was mismanaged by the previous treasurer, Jeremy Sanchez. The budget was misappropriated in the amount of $100,000. The errors would be corrected by moving monies into various accounts within the SA budget, according to the bill. The SA’s reserve level would be set at more comfortable level of $93,053 by the end of the year, Venaas said.

Venaas explained to the Senate the purpose of needing to keep the SA’s reserves at that level.

“We need money in that in case there are emergencies, in case our student activity fees decrease even more next year,” Venaas said.

SA President Delonte LeFlore agreed to reduce by the FY2013 executive allocation to $40,000 for the budget adjustments. Executive allocation is a fund the SA president can allocate to student organizations.

SA Senate Speaker Austin Quick agreed to reduce supplemental funding for FY2013 by half to $15,000. The SA did not have to worry about paying $23,053 to the Outdoor Recreation Sports Complex because the construction won’t be complete until fall 2013.

The money for the We Are Huskies fund will be put back into reserves, and the money for the campus security fund would be reduced.

In an email, Venaas said the situation with the budget was not the result of any single person and many circumstances led to the budget needing adjustments..

“The important thing is we were able to come up with this solution to put our reserve at a stable amount without negatively affecting student organizations or departments,” Venaas said.

SAE Mini Baja, American Correctional Association and Order of Omega were recognized as student organizations at the meeting. A resolution to appoint senators in various university committees was approved.

Blake Goldman, Alpkan Cakici and Andrez Beltran were confirmed as senators-at-large at the meeting.

Four senators were absent from the meeting.