Horror comes with an added sense of satisfaction

By Anthony Szudarski

I like to think I’m a pretty brave guy most of the time.

Like most people, there are a few things I’m afraid of–mostly heights and confined spaces.

I’m a pretty big guy, so falling from a high place means I fall hard, and I’ve broken enough bones to know that it’s not fun.

My fear of confined spaces is selective. I don’t have sever claustrophobia or anything, so a small room wouldn’t be horrible, but I do have taphophobia, meaning I definitely don’t want to wake up in a coffin anytime soon.

Being the brave, macho guy that I am, I jumped at the chance to be an actor in the Amenti Haunted House at the Egyptian Theatre, 135 N. Second St. What could be better than watching other people freak out? Plus, I got to play with a circular saw.

In case you haven’t gone, I won’t ruin the surprise and say what the rooms feature or what are the different themes. However, I will tell you about are some of the reactions of people coming through.

With the aid of some great actors, I was able to scare one group of people to the point where a girl fell into the fetal position and the other two refused to even come through the room. Another time, we were able to make a grown woman pee her pants.

I cannot even begin to describe how empowered that makes you feel. When people scream in your face and run into walls to get away from you–there’s no beating it. There were times where I couldn’t stop myself from laughing. But with the makeup and costume, I’m sure it just made me look more insane.

I’m not usually one to try and jump out from around corners to scare someone or try and pull pranks, but this is definitely something I’d be willing to do again.

Of course, not all people get scared when they go through the haunted house. As an actor, I accepted this fact, but it really ruins a night when you have people saying “Come at me, bro” when you’re trying to look threatening.

Sure, I can’t hit you over the head with the severed limb I’m holding, but you don’t need to call me out on it.

By the end of every night, I was spent. It takes a lot of energy to look crazy and creepy for hours straight, but I went home wearing that makeup and fake blood like a disturbed badge of pride. Let me say, I got some funny looks walking past security in my building with fake blood covering my face.

The Amenti House is open today and Wednesday at 7 p.m. I promise, you don’t want to miss out on this.