School hosts festival to raise money

Olivia Thonsend (left)Jennifer Tsaras (center) Jenna Luetkebuenger (right) slides down a giant slide during September Fest at St. Mary’s School in DeKalb.

By Maria Ahmad

St. Mary School’s September Fest celebrated its tenth annual festival this weekend with carnival rides, bake sales and more.

St. Mary’s School, 210 Gurler Road, has been around for over 99 years and moved into its current location 17 years ago. September Fest is an annual school fundraiser which was created the students’ parents.

“It is a school fundraiser but the purpose is to bring the community and Parish together,” said Michelle Anderson, chairperson of the festival. “It is a good place for friends and family to come together and know each other.”

The festival was open to the DeKalb and surrounding area. As the school year starts, student make new friends and the festival gives parents a chance to meet and become friends as well.

The festival included a variety of programs for all ages. Tickets were sold at the entrance and could be used at food booths, carnival rides and bake sale items. Tickets were sold at the entrance and could be used at food booths, carnival rides and bake sale items. Volunteers, including students’ parents and grandparents, St. Mary’s church members, National Honor Society members amongst others, ran the food booths and the check-in tables.

All proceeds from the festival benefit the school.

Plans for the fundraising money have been distinguished.

“Funds have been used for the school library, purchasing PE equipment, smart boards and, recently, Kindle Fires,” said Patricia Weis, St. Mary’s principal. “We have 40 Kindles, the kids are excited and it is important to provide the technology for the youth.”

The approximately 200 students in the school will be encouraged to use the Kindles. Weis said the Kindles will work like library books; students can use them for a specific amount of time. No plans were made as of now to receive more Kindles in the future.

Some say September Fest can be a enjoyable for both students and parents.

“I have been coming to the festival since my son started third grade and he is in seventh now,” said Molly Stadler, a parent of a St. Mary’s student. “It is a safe place for the kids, the food is great and you get a chance to talk and get to know others.”